Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ruby Bee, the First Sessions

Well, it's safe to say I am adequately caught up and can post a few sessions on the blog, but WOW...the response to Ruby Bee has been overwhelming! I am so thankful for those of you who were so quick to become clients and trust me with your families:-)  It has been an amazing three is what I have to show for it!

The Stensland Family
My first session was with one of my oldest friends and his adorable family.  My sweet 2-year old buddy Charlie LOVED the red chair. He took it with him wherever he went the entire time we were out:-)  And 9-month old George took a little while to warm up, but decide he loved the outdoors as well.  I had a great time with these sweet boys!

The Olson Family
The Olsons are dear friends of mine, and this is the third year that I have been lucky enough to shoot them and their gorgeous daughter Isabella.  They recently added a second dog to their family...and after you see them you will immediately want three:-)  The puppies adore 8-year old Isabella and even kiss her on demand. Well....sorta:-)

The Rostad Family
The Rostads are also friends of my family, so shooting them was like shooting my own kids:-)  8-year old Lars and 6-year old Liv are not only picture-perfect, they are hilarious and fun. Their smiles really ARE contagious:-)  I had the best time with this family...and something tells me we might be hanging out in a "bachelor pad" one day together:-)

The Hollman Family
Rounding out my day of shooting was the Hollmans. The photos that came from this shoot describe this family wonderfully: Vibrant and Charismatic.  The colors pop as much as the personalities of 10-year old Ben, 8-year old Paige, and 6-year old Sam.  These kiddos are adorable and it was a joy to be around this fun-loving family!

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